AUT Wallet: Pay for shuttle bus rides and redeem vouchers

You can now top up your credit balance and pay for the AUT shuttle bus, redeem vouchers and view your print and internet balances using the AUT Wallet in the AUT App.

The AUT Wallet is your place to:

  • Add credit to your AUT shuttle bus balance through a secure online credit card payment
  • Pay for AUT shuttle bus trips by scanning the QR code with the AUT App when entering the shuttle bus. You’ll need to have at least a single fare ($3.30) balance in your wallet before getting on the bus
  • Tag a mate onto an AUT shuttle bus
  • Redeem vouchers rewarded to you by AUT
  • View your print and internet balances
  • You’ll be asked to agree to the AUT Wallet’s Terms and Conditions the first time you access it. The Terms and Conditions are below.

You can also top up your shuttle bus, print, and internet balances by credit card online via the AUT Network Services page or by EFTPOS from the kiosks available at Tech Central. These top-ups will show in your AUT Wallet immediately.

If you’d like to move your account balance between print, internet, and shuttle buses you will need to do so via the AUT Network Services page or the kiosks available at Tech Central.

More features will be added to the AUT Wallet over time, and we’ll keep you updated as these are released.

How to access your AUT Wallet

You access your Wallet from your profile in the AUT App. If you don’t have the AUT App, find out more about the features it has to offer and how to download it.

Download the AUT App

If you already have the AUT App, you’ll also need to update to the latest version via the App Store.

If you see the below screen when you access the wallet, you’ll need to update your AUT App.


If you see this screen, you’ll have the latest version downloaded.


How to access the shuttle buses if you don’t have a smart phone

If you don’t have a smart phone, you can use your Student ID to access the AUT shuttle bus.

You must first register your Student ID barcode against the AUT Wallet. This can be done by emailing with your student barcode and ID card.

AUT Wallet: Terms and Conditions

Your AUT Wallet is your personal account at AUT, able to be used for purchasing services at AUT such as printing, internet access over the AUT network, and the shuttle bus between City and South campuses. From time to time, AUT will add other items to this list.


The top-up process uses a standard third-party payment facility. Your credit/EFTPOS card details are not shared with AUT at any time during the process. If your credit card/EFTPOS payment was successful, then your balance in the AUT Wallet is updated immediately.

If your top-up is declined by the payment facility and you believe it should have been accepted, you need to contact your bank – AUT cannot assist in these cases.

Fees and interest

The third-party payment facility may charge a bank fee for the top-up service. AUT does not have any involvement in this process and does not receive any part of these fees.

AUT does not charge any fees for any transactions made using the AUT Wallet.

No interest is payable on balances in the AUT Wallet. AUT expects that students will not maintain large balances.

Maximum top-ups/balances

The minimum amount that can be topped up in one transaction is $1, and the maximum is $100.


The funds in your AUT Wallet are only able to be used for purchasing goods/services at AUT – not at other outlets.


You can request a refund by emailing for any money which you personally have topped up – you can’t be reimbursed for funds which AUT has provided (like a printing allowance as part of your enrolment).

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