Tertiary concession: student discount on Auckland Transport services

An AT HOP tertiary concession gives eligible students discounted travel using an AT (Auckland Transport) HOP card on public transport around Auckland. Find out if you're eligible for a tertiary concession and how to get it.

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Tertiary concession overview

​What is the Tertiary Concession?

The Tertiary Concession provides discounted travel on an AT (Auckland Transport) HOP card for eligible full-time tertiary students to use public transport in the Auckland region. Auckland Transport (AT) are responsible for setting the concession and fares.

AUT works in partnership with AT to confirm students’ eligibility for the concession.

How much is the Tertiary Concession discount?

Fares for full-time tertiary students are available on the AT website.

AT websi​​te​


​What is full-time study?

You must be enrolled as a full-time student to be eligible for a Tertiary Concession discount:

  • ​Full-time / full-year students to have a minimum of 0.8 EFTS* (equivalent full-time student) when enrolled and attending a full-time tertiary course for a minimum of 32 consecutive weeks or more in a full academic year or
  • Full-time / part-year students (i.e. for one semester) to have 0.4 EFTS* (equivalent full-time student) when enrolled and attending a full-time tertiary course for a minimum of 16 consecutive weeks at one time within the academic year (i.e. not spread out over the course of the year)

​One 15 point paper = 0.125 EFTS.

AUT must confirm your enrolment first to enable your concession to be loaded.

Terms and conditions

How can I prove I’m eligible?​

Your eligibility is automatically verified when using the AT Mobile app​. Alternatively, AUT will be able to verify your eligibility and issue an AT Tertiary ID sticker accordingly where required.

If you believe you’re eligible and you haven’t been automatically approved, visit a student advisor at the Student Hub where they’ll check your eligibility manually.

AT Mobile app​

How long is my concession valid for?

If you use the AT Mobile app​, your concession will be loaded for the entire duration of your course (up to three years) as long as you remain eligible.  If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact a student advisor at the Student Hub.

If you have an AT Tertiary ID sticker, your concession will expire on the same date as your sticker expires.

If you’re enrolled full-time in Semester One only, your concession will expire on 31 August of the same year. If you’re enrolled full-time for the full year or in Semester Two only, your concession will expire on 31 March of the following year.

Do I still get discounted travel during the holidays?

Yes, once your concession is loaded and remains valid, your Tertiary Concession provides discounted travel every day until it expires.

Where can I find out further information on the Tertiary Concession discount?

Visit the AT website for more information.

AT website

I’m enrolled in a full time course, but the AT Mobile app says I’m not eligible, what do I do?

You’ll need to visit the Student Hub so an advisor can check your eligibility.

I haven’t decided on my final course yet. Can I still get a concession?

Eligibility is determined based on the course you’re enrolled into.  If you change your course at any time, AUT will reassess your eligibility accordingly. If you change your papers, AT will be notified and this may affect your concession.

Where students become ineligible due to paper changes, concessions are removed within two weeks of AT becoming aware of the change (unless your status is updated to meet the definition of an eligible student).  Your papers must be at invoiced or paid status for the paper status to be returned to AT electronically.

Am I notified if I am no longer eligible?

Yes. If you’ve provided AT with your email address, you should receive an email from AT to inform you that AUT has notified them of a change in your enrolment, which now renders you ineligible. Visit the Student Hub if you think an error has occurred.

What if I can’t study full-time?

Unfortunately, the discount is normally only available to eligible full-time students.

However, if you’re studying on a **limited full time basis, you can still apply for the concession by completing a paper application and submitting it to AT.  If you need to obtain a copy of this application, contact AT on 09 366 6400 and ask for an AT Tertiary ID concession application.  Upon receipt of the completed application, AT will then review your circumstance to determine if you’re eligible to receive the discount.

Please note, AT review and approve each application on a case-by-case basis and there are no guarantees that you’ll receive the discount based on your limited full-time status.

** Limited full-time status is a provision for students who are unable to undertake the workload of a full-time course due to the following reasons:

  • ​​They are finishing a course and on completion of that course, will have completed a recognised programme that they have previously studied, and to do this they need to study less than full-time, but more than half of a full-time course, or
  • Their education provider supports their application to study less than full-time for one of the following reasons:
    • ​​​they have an illness that stops them from studying full-time, or
    • they can't study full-time where there are reasons beyond their control (this could include a disability which stops them from studying full-time), or
    • it is in their academic best interests to study less than full-time. This means that they would be likely to fail, for academic reasons, if you undertook a full-time course but would be likely to pass more than half the course if they studied part-time​.

Application Process

When can I apply for my concession?

You can apply for the concession up to two weeks before your programme start date and once you have your Tertiary ID card, and the AT Mobile app or an AT Tertiary ID sticker.

How do I apply for my concession?

For information on how to apply for a Tertiary Concession, visit . If you need any assistance, you are welcome to contact the Student Hub.

AT website

My AT HOP card is registered to a Linked Account. Can I still go online to apply for the concession?

A Linked AT HOP account is when you don’t have your own AT HOP account; instead your AT HOP card is linked to another person’s account (e.g. parent, partner, etc.)

You’ll need to get an AT Tertiary ID sticker from an advisor at the Student Hub before applying in person at an AT Customer Service Centre.  The concession will be valid to the expiry date of your Student ID card or AT Tertiary ID sticker (whichever is earliest).

Alternatively, you can purchase another AT HOP card, create your own online account and register the card under the primary account, to complete the online application process.

How can I determine if my AT HOP card is registered to a Linked Account?

When you login to your MyAT account , select ‘My AT HOP Cards’ to display all cards and linked accounts.

Alternatively, you can speak with an AT HOP Customer Service Representative, who will ask some verification questions to confirm your identity before clarifying your card information.

If your card isn’t yet registered, you’ll need to register it in order to apply for a concession.

MyAT account (AT website)

AT Mobile App

What if my smart phone is not compatible with the AT Mobile app?

AT Mobile is compatible with iOS 8.4+ or Android 5.0+. If your phone is not compatible, you’ll still be able to enjoy your Tertiary Concession if you’re eligible. You’ll need to get an AT Tertiary ID sticker from the Student Hub, and then visit one of the AT Customer Service Centres for your concession to be loaded on your AT HOP card.

How do I login to MyAT on the AT Mobile app?

Open the main menu in the AT Mobile app, then select ‘Tertiary Concessions’ and login using your MyAT username and password. You’ll be asked to upload a photo of yourself – similar to a passport photo as identification.

How do I know when my Tertiary Concession is active in the app and that I’m ready to start travelling on public transport with my concession?

You can start travelling with your concession once your Tertiary Concession status page within AT Mobile displays ‘Eligible’.

What status will display when I’ve applied online and had my confirmation email of eligibility, but still need to visit the AT Customer Service Centre to have my concession loaded?

Your concessions eligibility status will be shown as ‘Pending’ in the app until you visit the AT Customer Service Centre to have your concession loaded. Once done and your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll need to refresh your concession status page in the app. You’re good to go.

If I’m asked to prove my Tertiary Concession eligibility on public transport, what do I need to present on the AT Mobile app?

You may occasionally be asked to prove your concession eligibility by an AT revenue officer. If asked, follow these steps:

  1. Present the AT Mobile a​pp and select ‘Tertiary Concessions’
  2. Login using your MyAT login and password
  3. Present your Tertiary Concession status page, to show you are eligible for a tertiary concession.

Can I change my photo in the AT Mobile app after I’ve uploaded it?

Yes, you can update your photo in the app from the ‘Tertiary Concessions’ status page.

How can I change my details?

Simply login online via your MyAT account to update your contact details at any time.

MyAT account​ (AT website)

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