Parking on campus

Find out where students can park on or near AUT campuses, and what fees or rules may apply. There is no free parking for students on any campus. There are mobility spaces for students with a valid mobility parking permit.

AUT encourages the use of sustainable transport options rather than single occupier vehicles wherever possible.

City Campus parking

There is no on-site parking for students at the City Campus. Don't park at Gate 3 (including in the mobility spaces here) – this is for visitors only.

Mobility parking spaces on the City Campus

There are some mobility parking spaces – these are marked on the City Campus map.

You can pay for mobility spaces outside of WO building by using the UbiPark app.

Finding parking near the City Campus

Use these websites to find parking near the City Campus:

Using 'park and ride' to get to the City Campus

You can pay to park in the casual areas on the North or South campuses and catch a bus to the city:

  • NX2 bus from the North Campus
  • AUT shuttle from the South Campus

North and South Campus parking

There is some on-site, paid parking at our North and South Campuses. You can use the meter or the UbiPark app to pay.

North Campus parking

There is limited, on-site paid parking including mobility spaces at the North Campus – use the UbiPark app or the meter to pay:

  • Use car parks 2 and 7
  • Mobility spaces: use car park 5 (marked on the North Campus map)

Download North Campus map

South Campus parking

There is limited, on-site paid parking including mobility spaces at the South Campus – use the UbiPark app or the meter to pay.

  • Use car park 1
  • Mobility spaces: use car park 2 (marked on the South Campus map)

Download South Campus map

Parking rates

These rates apply 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Parking is free outside of these hours, and on weekends and public holidays.

Casual parking rates are:

  • By meter: $1.50 per hour to a maximum of $7.50 per day
  • By UbiPark app: $1.25 per hour to a maximum of $6.50 per day

Don't park in permit areas

Permit areas are clearly marked and students must not park in these, or any other area not designated a pay and display area. If you park in any unauthorised area, you may receive a breach notice from Parking Enforcement Services.

Student mobility parking

AUT campuses have mobility parking spaces for students who have a valid CCS Mobility permit. We can provide support and information about parking, including details about parking locations, costs, accessing a dedicated park and financial help to pay for mobility parking costs.

Arranging disability support

AT tertiary concessions and AUT shuttle buses

Find out about AUT shuttle buses between the City and South campuses, and how to get a tertiary concession (student discount) on Auckland Transport public transport services.

Bike park and charging on City Campus: Locky Dock

You can park and charge your bike for free outside the City Campus AUT Library (Hikuwai Plaza entrance) using a Locky Dock bike station. To lock and unlock your bike, use your AT Hop card or download the Bikeep app.

There are 8 parks available, with cameras for security.

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