Graduation day procession

AUT graduands can participate in a graduation street procession through Auckland City before the first graduation ceremony on some graduation days.

Who can take part in the procession

Only AUT graduands and AUT staff can take part in the procession. Your guests can watch from the pavement.

If you're not taking part in the procession

If you’re not taking part in the procession, you must be at the assembly area in the ceremony venue at least 30 minutes before your ceremony starts.

What to wear

You should wear full academic dress for the procession.

You can also:

  • Wear family korowai if you’re a Māori graduand
  • Wear other culturally appropriate adornment if you wish
  • Carry a flower posy or wear a corsage (but give these to your guests before you enter the auditorium for your ceremony)

Academic dress: what to wear on graduation day

Procession time and route

Be at Albert Park on Princes Street at 9.30am. The procession starts at 10am.

Graduation marshals (in blue gowns) will organise groups, as you’ll walk in the order of the ceremonies for that day.

The procession route will follow Princes Street, going left down Bowen Avenue and Victoria Street East, and then left into Queen Street up to Aotea Square.

Graduation dates and times

Bad weather

If the weather is obviously too bad for a procession, you should go straight to the venue 45 minutes before your ceremony starts. Ceremonies will go ahead as planned.

If you're not sure if the procession is on, call (09) 921 9999 to listen to any alternative arrangements.

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