Graduation options and how to apply

You can graduate at the end of the semester when you finish your studies at AUT. You don’t need to wait until the following semester to attend a graduation ceremony. This is handy if you have plans to leave Auckland after finishing your studies.

You do not need to wait for your final semester results before you apply to graduate.

Graduation options

You have three graduation options:

  • Attend a graduation ceremony
  • Defer your graduation (this means you choose to attend a later graduation ceremony – it must be one of the next two scheduled ceremonies)
  • Graduate ‘in absentia’ – you don’t attend a ceremony and your certificate will be sent to you.

You must advise us of your intended option before the graduation application closing date.

If you attend a graduation ceremony, your qualification award documentation (transcript and parchment) will be presented to you then.

Qualification documents (parchment and transcript)

Applying to graduate

To be eligible to graduate, you must complete the application process.

The process is:

  1. You may get an email from us around the middle of your last semester – this is sent to all students who may be eligible to graduate (some students will not be eligible) and students who deferred their graduation
  2. Follow the directions in the email and apply online to graduate as soon as possible – you’ll get a confirmation email within a day describing what happens next
  3. Make sure you have paid any balances owing on your student account.

If you don’t hear from us

If you think you are eligible to graduate and you haven’t heard from us, you should contact your faculty or school office immediately.

Attending a ceremony

If you want to attend a ceremony you must have advised us before the graduation application closing date that you will be attending “in person”. We may be able to add you to a ceremony after this, but note that no additions to ceremonies will be permitted after we have advised you of your qualification completion (normally around two weeks before the ceremony). In such cases you will be advised to defer to the next available set of ceremonies.

Meeting the requirements of your qualification

Every programme of study at AUT has regulations which set out the requirements for completion of the qualification.

Granting of your qualification

If you meet the requirements, and subject to the approval of examination boards and Academic Registry, you will be eligible to have your qualification granted.

Your name will be recommended to the Council of the University, which then grants the qualification.

‘Date of granting’

The decision to grant the qualification, and the date of granting, is at the discretion of the University.

Your academic record will show the date of granting selected by the Council, regardless of if you attend the next graduation ceremony, or if you choose to defer to a later ceremony or graduate in absentia (not attend a ceremony).

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