Graduation options and how to apply

AUT operates a flexible graduation model throughout the year which means that your qualification can be granted soon after the completion of your study, no matter the time of year. The information on this page explains when your qualification may be granted, and how and when you may be invited to attend a graduation ceremony.

Understanding graduation

The granting of a qualification and a graduation ceremony are related – but they can be two separate events. Sometimes, students are granted a qualification but may choose not to attend a ceremony, or may not be invited to attend a ceremony due to the type of qualification they receive. In other cases, qualifications will be granted and made available to students months before a graduation ceremony.

If you are granted an eligible qualification, AUT will always offer you the opportunity to take part in a graduation ceremony and explain the options.

Monthly graduation (certificates, extensions of study, non-semester based programmes)

Most qualifications will be granted after the end of semester, but some qualifications may be granted each month.

If you are granted a monthly qualification, you won't usually be invited to attend a graduation ceremony. If any of the following examples apply to you, you do not need to do anything – we will courier or mail your parchment to you:

  • Certificates
  • Students who have been granted an extension of study
  • Programmes which do not follow the normal semester-based enrolment pattern

Graduation options for students getting other qualifications

If are getting any other qualification type (check the section above for qualifications granted monthly), before you finish your studies AUT will email you to invite you to apply to graduate. Log into Arion to apply by the closing date – you don't need to wait until you finish your studies to complete your application.

You can choose to:

  • Attend a graduation ceremony and receive your parchment on stage
  • Graduate ‘in absentia’ – this means you don’t attend a ceremony and you will receive your parchment by courier, normally soon after granting.

Qualification documents (academic transcripts and graduation certificates)

Choosing to attend a graduation ceremony

Ceremonies are normally held twice a year, following the end of Semester 1 and the end of Semester 2. COVID-19 has disrupted the normal pattern and in 2022 there will be only one ceremony, held in September.

If you don’t hear from us

If you think you are eligible to graduate and you haven’t heard from us, you should contact your faculty or school office immediately.

Changing your mind

If you decide you want to change the way you graduate, we will always try and accommodate your request but depending on how much notice you give us, your options may be limited. Make sure you apply to graduate by the advertised closing date – if you apply late, you may need to attend a later graduation event in the future.

Meeting the requirements of your qualification

Every programme of study at AUT has regulations which set out the requirements for completion of the qualification.

Completion of your qualification

To complete your programme of study you must satisfy the academic and any other specific requirements prescribed in the programme regulations. For most students this means they will complete their studies after final examinations and/or assessments at the end of semester. Soon after this, faculty assessment boards meet to review all student results before confirming final grades. If the board determines you have met the requirements, they will give formal approval of qualification. This is when you become academically eligible for the granting of the qualification.

Granting of your qualification

If you meet the requirements, and subject to the approval of assessment boards and Academic Registry, you will be eligible to have your qualification granted.

Your name will be recommended to the Council of the University, which then grants the qualification.

‘Date of granting’

The decision to grant the qualification, and the date of granting, is at the discretion of the University.

Your parchment and academic record will show the date of granting approved by the University Council, regardless of whether you attend the next graduation ceremony, choose to defer to a later ceremony, or graduate in absentia (not attend a ceremony).

Graduation questions? Contact us

If you have questions about graduation, email us at:

Ceremony and procession info

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