New Zealand Sign Language Week: 9 to 15 May 2022

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Week aims to increase awareness and understanding of NZSL and the Deaf community. It’s an opportunity for the Deaf community to celebrate their language and culture and for others to learn more about it. This week there are some great activities to learn about NZSL or connect with our Deaf community.

2022 theme: NZSL is Essential

Deaf Aotearoa organises and sets the theme for NZSL Week each year and the theme for this year is ‘NZSL is Essential’. NZSL is essential for Deaf people in education, health, workplaces and to be able to participate equally in society.

NZSL Week website

What’s on this week at AUT – NZSL edition

Our AUT Weekly series team are celebrating with an NZSL episode for the week. See what’s on at AUT this week, in NZSL:

Get involved with the rest of New Zealand

There are a range of events organised across New Zealand. Events in Auckland include opportunities to practice NZSL at workshops or coffee catch ups, 3D storytelling – and you can tune in to Attitude TV to hear from Jared Flitcroft as part of the About Me section.

NZSL Week events

The NZSL Pepeha Song Challenge

The NZSL Pepeha Song Challenge is back this year and Deaf Aotearoa have Pepeha booklets from Six60 to give away. Just film yourself doing the challenge and share by tagging Deaf Aotearoa this week.

NZSL Pepeha Song Challenge on NZSL Week website

Make sure to tag AUT Students so we can share your support of our AUT Deaf community:

AUT's Karan Patel talks about NZSL

“NZSL is my first language, and it is a beautiful language. It’s how I communicate with other people. My goal is to see more people learn NZSL, as it would be beneficial for people to be able to communicate with Deaf people or NZSL users. That would be cool. Also, I would like to have more NZSL interpreters because currently there is an NZSL interpreter shortage. I also wish we had a 24/7 video interpreter relay service in NZ, as this would allow the Deaf to communicate with people anywhere and anytime."

Karan Patel, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences student and Disability Affairs Officer for AUTSA

Study NZSL at AUT

Introduce yourself to New Zealand Sign Language. Study a major, minor, or just give it a go signing up for a course. Here are some study options to consider at AUT:

Full programmes

Electives and beginner courses

Related links and learning

The AUT Library’s NZSL and Deaf Studies section has online resources to get you started learning New Zealand Sign Language as well as book recommendations to help you get started.

Deaf Aotearoa’s resources have 25 signs to learn in different situations – bars and restaurants, at work, medical situations, fun and with your family.

Support for students at AUT

If you have a disability or impairment, our Disability Support team can support you to participate as fully as you can in your learning. Supports include NZSL interpretation, software and technology training, and exam and test support.

Disability support services at AUT

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