Getting to and around AUT campuses (Orientation)

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As a new student you’ll probably want to get familiar with your campus as soon as you can – coming along to Orientation is a great way to do that.

The information on this page will help you start learning your way to and around our campuses so you can find the rooms and facilities you'll need.

Our campuses: guides to the City, North and South Campus

AUT has three campuses around Auckland – in the city, on the North Shore, and in Manukau. Get campus maps, directions and parking information for each campus:

Find a room or lecture theatre: understanding AUT’s room codes

All rooms at AUT have a room code – usually made up of two letters and three numbers, like WG406.

  • W: the first letter tells you the campus:
    • W = City Campus (located on Wellesley St)
    • A = North Campus (located on Akoranga Drive)
    • M = South Campus (located in Manukau)
  • G: the second letter tells you the building (each building has a different letter allocated to it)
  • 4: the first number tells you the level (or floor) of the building
  • 06: the last two numbers tell you the room number

AUT shuttle buses, student travel cards and travel discounts

Check out our ‘Getting around AUT’ page for details about campus buses, student travel discounts and where to top up your AT HOP travel card on campus.

Getting around AUT

Accessibility on and around campus

Our Student Hub can put you in touch with the Disability Support team if you have a disability or impairment. This information might help you get around AUT:

Parking on campus

There’s parking for mobility cardholders on each campus – make sure you display your card at all times. You can find carpark locations on our campus maps – check the campus pages listed above.

Be.accessible’s access maps might help make your travel around Auckland CBD easier.

Getting around Auckland (Be.accessible website)

Wheelchair access on campus

You can access all lecture theatres, classrooms, buildings and most toilets at AUT by wheelchair.

Most of our buildings have a lift or ramp, with an accessible toilet close by. Many doors open automatically or have buttons to open them.

All AUT shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible and can be lowered on request.

Visually impaired students

Guide dogs and support dogs are welcome on campus. Some of our lifts have raised numerals or braille on buttons, and others also use voice announcements.


We’re a diverse community and we support inclusiveness and accessibility on campus. If you have questions about accessibility on campus that we haven’t answered here, contact the Student Hub.

Take a campus tour in week 1

You don't need to book a tour – just visit the Student Hub on your campus during week 1 of semester to find out the campus tour times. Our student ambassadors will show you around our buildings and tell you about our services.

Or check out our video tours of each campus.

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