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Outside of class, you’ll spend a lot of your time studying and researching topics, and then writing about them.

How much study time should I plan for?

An average student is expected to spend 150 hours per paper each semester:

  • You might have 30-50 hours of class time (like lectures, tutorials, workshops and labs)
  • That leaves 100-120 hours for you to study and do your assignments

For four papers, this comes to about:

  • 120-200 hours of class time
  • 400-480 hours for studying and assignments

Per week (in a 15 week semester), that’s about:

  • 8-13 hours of class time
  • 27-32 hours for studying and assignments

So, an average student might study for about 40 hours per week, which is like having a full time job.

What does academic writing look like?

At AUT, our Library has examples and videos that show you how to write essays, reports and other assignments.

The video below is about how to write a body paragraph for an essay.

Find more like it on AUT’s academic writing YouTube channel

Peer mentors: study help from senior students

Our peer mentoring programme puts you in touch with a senior student who will mentor you in a specific subject or on general academic skills.

Find a peer mentor

Use the Library

Using the Library is linked to getting better grades. All AUT campuses have a library where you can borrow books and journals, get help or join a workshop, and book a room for study.

Check out the Library website for details.

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