Protecting your property

You can help to protect your property and belongings by following these tips:

  • Never leave wallets, bags or valuables unsecured or unattended
  • Only carry enough cash for immediate needs
  • Never carry any personal identification numbers (PINs) with you and don't tell anyone what they are
  • Mark all your property clearly using permanent materials
  • Always carry your handbag or purse close to you with the opening toward your body
  • Don't put your bag or purse on the floor when in a toilet cubicle
  • Always lock your vehicle or office space when you leave it and take valuables with you
  • When leaving a bike, lock the frame to the locking point and lock the wheels as well if possible
  • Never lend any access cards or keys to anyone or reveal access door codes
  • After hours, don't allow others to enter a building with you
  • Don't put your room number on your keys
  • Don't assume everyone else is as honest as you are. Take care of your own property and that of the university.
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