Studying and safety after hours

If you're studying on campus at night, you can take some steps to keep yourself safe.

​​​Tips for your safety when studying late

  • ​​​​Avoid walking alone at night. Travel with a friend or arrange a security escort.
  • Use well-illuminated routes and parks in areas that will be well lit and populated when you return.
  • Be alert and walk purposefully. A person who is confident, walking upright and briskly is less likely to become a victim.
  • Carry your keys in your hand for quick access when approaching your building or vehicle.
  • If you think someone is following you, go to a place where you know there are other people and telephones.
  • Carrying a mobile​ phone may make you feel more secure.
  • Tell someone where you're going and the time you expect to return.
  • Check door are locked at night. Don't assume somebody else will do it. ​​

Security escorts

​If you're concerned about walking between buildings and campus car parks, a security escort is available day and night. To arrange this service, call AUT Security in advance on 09 921 9997.

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