Student accommodation and COVID-19

Find out about COVID-19 protocols in AUT student accommodation, and information about health, safety and support services for students living in our villages and apartments.

Student accommodation is open

AUT student accommodation is open and fully operational. We look forward to welcoming all new residents.

Keeping you safe in accommodation

Our students' safety and wellbeing is important. We follow guidance from both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and can adapt quickly to any changes in guidelines. We have protocols, plans and contingencies in place to make sure students can live safely and with confidence in our accommodation.

Services and support

We acknowledge the uncertainty that COVID-19 disruptions can bring to your academic study and life in student accommodation. That's why we have services to keep you safe – like frequent welfare checks, priority access to AUT’s campus medical centres, wifi access, and resident and whānau updates.

Flexibility and financial help

We understand the uncertainty COVID-19 presents to students living in accommodation, so where possible, we aim to be flexible and responsive. Accommodation staff will approach any issues or concerns on a case-by-case basis and will also help connect you to other financial support available.

24/7 onsite support and security

We provide 24/7 support at all student accommodation: a combination of live-in management staff, day staff, residential assistants, night duty officers and AUT security (on call or on site).

Our residential assistants offer fun co-curricular activities in a hybrid model to keep spirits up.

Study and personal support

One of the benefits of living in student accommodation is that it's easy to get study support and advice when you need it. We have residential assistants onsite who can help you apply for assessment extensions and connect you to financial support services, medical centres and counselling services.

Questions? Contact us

Want to know more about COVID-19 plans and procedures in our student accommodation? If you or your family have questions, contact us,


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