Teaching and learning during COVID-19

Find out how teaching and learning will be delivered at the Orange setting, how changes to course delivery will be communicated, what happens if you can't or don't want to come to campus, and how research activities are taking place.

Teaching and learning at Orange: classes, lectures and tutorials

Our campuses remain open, with increased public health measures in place.

Lectures are online until mid-semester break

We're at the Orange traffic light setting. Until mid-semester break, lectures are being delivered online.

Normal teaching and learning will resume at AUT from Monday 2 May 2022

We intend to resume our normal teaching and learning on Monday, 2 May 2022, with the appropriate health measures in place.

This means that from 2 May 2022:

  1. All courses for all students will be offered in the mode in which they were originally intended and planned, including all aspects that have normally been delivered on-campus.
  2. All student-facing campus-based services will continue to be fully operational.

Changes to delivery of courses: keep up to date

Delivery arrangements for each course, including any changes that are necessary, for example due to staff illness or isolation requirements, will be communicated to students via Canvas and your timetable.

This continues to be an evolving situation and we may have to move more classes online at an individual course level during the semester, in line with government and health advice, staffing and operational requirements.

Students who can't or don’t want to return to campus

Students who can't return, or choose not to be on campus can take advantage of the digital resources available as part of our usual blended teaching and learning arrangements. Visit Canvas to discover what digital resources you can access remotely.

Canvas information

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee alternatives to learning opportunities that are unavailable under government orders, because of a student's choice not to be vaccinated or attend the campus.

If lockdowns or any other restrictions are imposed by government the University will use its reasonable endeavours to comply with teaching and learning designed for a student’s programme of study.  The University at its sole discretion may undertake certain actions, including online delivery of teaching and learning or deferment to meet the requirements of a student's programme of study as a result of government public health orders.

Academic progression and applying for special consideration for an assessment

As COVID-19 may be affecting your academic progression, we want to ensure all students are supported to achieve in their learning. Find out about assessment expectations, appeals and results, and applying for special consideration using the link. You can also contact the Student Hub to talk to a student advisor, or complete the online 'Request for support' form.

Research activities

At Orange, research and related activities can take place.

  • Capacity limits are based on 1 metre distancing
  • Face coverings when indoors are strongly encouraged (unless exemptions apply)

COVID-19 resources and support for graduate research students

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