Bright Side: community and personal development

Bright Side is a space for AUT students – designed to explore self-knowledge, how to have authentic relationships and what a life with meaning and purpose looks like - as well as opportunities to stay connected with our community.

Self-care with Bright Side

Doing the basics well

Caring for yourself is the first step to personal growth and development. Learn how to build routine,  sleep well and look after your body.

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Self-knowledge with Bright Side

Getting to know yourself

Understanding yourself takes time and self-reflection, but when you do, it helps you grow and develop in your personal life, studies and work. Learn with Bright Side about what makes you tick, and how to regulate your emotions and thoughts to help you lead a successful life that you are proud of.

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Your impact with Bright Side

Filling your future with meaning and purpose

Get concrete about the dream life and career you want to be living. Learn how to make better decisions, map out your life pathways and explore how to live consciously.

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Bright Side’s Future Focus programme

Unlock your unique creativity and personal leadership style

Be successful in your studies, career and life. Set effective goals, develop your creativity and resilience, and build your confidence and communication skills.

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Bright Side community

Creating new opportunities to share freely

Join our Bright Side community for conversation, connection and reflection on the ups and downs of being human. We run a regular programme of talks, workshops, rituals, and social events.

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Bright Side guides

Our Bright Side guides are a mix of AUT staff and external partners who offer a range of experience and knowledge to help you in your personal development journey.

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