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Bright Side's programmes are designed to help you explore what a life with meaning and purpose looks like, and to set goals and a plan to achieve them. You'll learn how to develop resilience and creativity, increase your confidence and be successful in your studies, career and life.

Bright Side’s Design Your Life programme

Design your dream life, and bring it into reality

Create your own playbook for setting your vision and achieving life goals, how to live a life of balance, developing resilience in the face of setbacks, and feel a sense of value and meaning from the areas you dedicate your time and energy to.

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Bright Side’s Future Focus programme

Unlock your unique creativity and personal leadership style

Be successful in your studies, career and life. Set effective goals, develop your creativity and resilience, and build your confidence and communication skills.

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Bright Side’s Beat Stress and Self-doubt programme

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired, disconnected, and dissatisfied does not have to be our new normal. Learn practical tools to feel well, reduce stress and gain confidence in who you are and your ability to achieve the things that matter to you.

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Bright Side’s Better Relationships, Healthy Sex programme

Who you choose to share your life with has a large impact on your sense of self and overall wellbeing. Learn how to choose well, and gain practical tools to build nurturing relationships.

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