Short-term international opportunities

In addition to semester and full-year exchanges, AUT International co-ordinates short-term international opportunities for 2-10 weeks (like internships, volunteering and language courses).

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COVID-19: overseas study suspended

We hope that we can begin sending AUT students abroad again soon, but this will depend on government advice for safe travel overseas.

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“Numerous studies consistently find that experience abroad is becoming more important in today’s global job markets. Internships abroad are designed to better equip young professionals with the skills they need to navigate their career on a global scale.”

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“AIESEC provides an opportunity for young people to work or volunteer abroad in non-familiar environments. This allows them to step outside their comfort zone and expand their worldviews, while contributing to the community in which they are working. Living such experiences enables people to build a better understanding of how to communicate and capitalise on diversity in our increasingly connected world.”

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Are you looking for a professional internship placement organisation to find you a suitable placement in Auckland, other parts of New Zealand or overseas? INTERNeX is a New Zealand based company and one of the world leading internship placement companies and is recognised by AUT as a preferred internship placement partner.

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“Discover the art of experiential wanderlust by working with NGOs or on projects directly contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Open your eyes towards the possibility to build, create, teach, and travel. Grab your backpack, it’s time to go.”

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