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It’s still possible to get international experience from home, even if you can’t travel overseas. Check out the language courses AUT offers and take one or two as an elective.


CHIN501 Introduction to Chinese I (online)

Introduces basic language skills and knowledge in Chinese and social etiquette required for effective communication in the initial stage of social and business interaction. It is designed to develop students' understanding of the basic grammatical structures of Chinese language and basic functional language patterns.

CHIN502 Introduction to Chinese II (online)

Reinforces and develops essential grammatical features and functional language patterns. Provides students with further basic language skills and social etiquette required in the social and business interaction at beginning level.

CHIN504 Write Chinese I

Introduces Chinese character development and Chinese character structure and trains students to analyse Chinese characters in terms of radicals and components so they can deduce meanings and readings. Develops skills in the reading of passages of characters in context and writing compositions in Chinese. Enables students to become proficient in using the Chinese word processor to present their own work.

CHIN511 Speak Chinese I

Speak Chinese 1 is a beginning course for students who have a little or no knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, and who are interested in being able to communicate and interact with Chinese people. Students will learn how to communicate in appropriate Mandarin Chinese at a simple practical level for daily purposes. Essential everyday Chinese will be taught through pinyin (the romanised system) focusing on listening and speaking skills. Students will explore traditional and contemporary Chinese practices, values and beliefs for similarities and differences with their own.


JAPA511 Speak Japanese I

Speak Japanese I is for complete beginners of Japanese. Students will engage in interactive activities based on real life situations and will develop a starter level of competence in spoken Japanese within Japanese socio-cultural contexts.


Write Japanese I is for complete beginners of Japanese. The emphasis is on reading and writing Japanese, including phonetic Japanese scripts (hiragana and katakana) as well as basic Chinese origin characters (kanji). Students will develop a starter level of competence in written Japanese within Japanese socio-cultural contexts.


KORE500 Korean Language and Culture I

Korean language and culture is for students who are interested in being able to communicate and interact with Korean speakers. Students will be able to communicate in Korean at a simple practical level in order to socialise and carry out activities in a range of contexts, using culturally appropriate language and gestures. Traditional and contemporary Korean culture and social practices including generational change, K-pop and the ‘Korean Wave’, will be explored. Values and beliefs will be compared to provide insights into students’ own cultures as well as the culture of others.


SPAN501 Spanish 1A

To develop competency in both written and oral Spanish to communicate at a simple and elementary level. Emphasis is on linguistic competence in the following components: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Another important feature of language learning is the knowledge and understanding of Spanish culture. Therefore, this course aims to gain basic communicative competence in the Spanish language as a whole, in daily situations within cultural and social contexts.


SAMO500 Introduction to Gagana Samoa I – Samoan Language

Introduces Gagana Samoa – Samoan language and culture through an intercultural communicative approach. Develops basic communication skills and strategies in reading, writing, listening and speaking, with an emphasis at first, on spoken Samoan.

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