Leadership (Beyond AUT Award)

A leader is someone who motivates you and inspires people and encourages them towards a common goal. Good leaders are like gold to organisations, so it is very important to challenge yourself or develop leadership skills as a student.

Part one

Attend 2 leadership presentations

Leadership presentations run throughout the year across all AUT campuses, offering a range of speakers.

Attend 1 leadership workshop

Find out what leadership means to you and how to further your leadership skills through a leadership workshop.

Book these sessions via Employability Lab Online Events

Part two

Take action: complete 12 hours in a role of leadership role or position that challenges you

Your 12 hours in a role of responsibility can be selected from a huge range of activities on and off campus. However, these hours cannot involve paid work, co-op or workplace experience or any credit bearing course.

These might include:

  • Role as president or secretary with one of our many AUT clubs including AUTSA
  • Becoming a student ambassador (must have completed one year at AUT to be eligible for this role)
  • Becoming a sports team captain or vice-captain or coach
  • Creating or managing an event
  • Participating in our sustainable leadership development programme

Email if you have any questions.

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