Reflection (Beyond AUT Award)

The final stage of the Beyond AUT Award involves reflecting and writing about the employability skills you've developed, then discussing these reflections in an interview situation.

Learning experiences

At the end of each stream you will be asked in a sentence to outline a personal learning experience.

This is an experience you have had while undertaking the requirements of that stream from which you have learnt something new that has informed or challenged you


A new perspective you have gained or an experience that will help you personally or professionally in the future.


You will attend a 'job interview' with the Director of Employability and/or invited industry guests.

The learning experiences you write about are the starting point for your Reflection Interview.

Before the interview you need to expand in writing on your three learning experiences - with the help of a coach.

We advise you to allow plenty of time to think carefully about the learning experiences you choose for your interview. If you do not meet our 'job interview' standard the first time around you will be invited back for a second attempt.

If you have any questions, talk to one of our Employability & Careers team or email

Now, it's time to register and get started. Good luck!


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