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Are you working on an exciting project? Trying to get a new start-up off the ground? Have a great idea but don't know what to do with it? Or perhaps you don’t have an idea but you’d like to embark on a fun entrepreneurial journey and build your skills. AUT X Challenge is for you!

Get involved and gain real and meaningful experience in launching a start-up with plenty of support along the way. Plus, there's $30,000 cash and great prizes to be won. No matter what course you are studying, or which field you plan to enter, we believe everyone has ideas.

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Entry for The Idea has closed

Our winners will be announced 12 May. Check back then and find out more about the 40 best ideas.


“I’ve run start-ups before, but X Challenge was a game changer. It allowed me to meet supportive mentors as well as other experts who believed in my idea and helped me fine-tune my approach.”
Mohd Akhtaar - Mindful Muslim, 2020 Supreme Winner

"X Challenge was one of the best learning opportunities I experienced during my six years at AUT. It helped our idea move from a concept, to something tangible with the potential to launch."
Aimee Moss – giveagood, 2019 Runner Up

"X Challenge is such an amazing opportunity to grow your skillset, and ways of thinking and working. It helped us (Flat Essentials) reflect, learn, and adapt, especially as we went through the ideation process."
Finlay Barnett – Flat Essentials, 2019 Finalist

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