2021 X Challenge finalists

2021 has seen the greatest number of entries to X Challenge The Accelerator since 2017. Out of 42 amazing entries, eight finalists have been selected by a panel of 16 expert judges and are now on their journey to the Final Pitch Night.

Selection to the final eight was hard won. Deliberation extended to three rounds with strong advocates on the judging panel even for entries which didn't make it to the final eight. The Accelerator judges were impressed and enthusiastic: “It’s my second year being involved, and I gotta say I really love the kaupapa of X Challenge. I firmly believe Aotearoa needs more job-creators.” – Kerry Topp, Founder (judge).


The eight finalists are being matched with industry mentors and will be working with them to refine their ideas in preparation for the Final Pitch Night on Thursday 18 November. With $20,000 of cash plus prizes up for grabs, it will be an exciting finish to the competition.

The next nine weeks for the finalists will be exciting, demanding, fun – and maybe a little nerve-wracking. And the finalists are…

Delta Waterways Ltd

Enabling the remote monitoring of waterways across Aotearoa

Ander Castelltort Schnaas (Postgrad, DCT – Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences), Hannah Wetzel (Postgrad, DCT – Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences), Morgan Dolfing, Helen Chambers, Brendan Bell, James Lear

Engineers for Conservation

A new and contemporary social platform where engineers can collaborate to solve conservation issues

Jesse Wang (Postgrad, DCT – Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences), Ron Chiu (Postgrad, DCT – Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences), Ray Liang, Aidan Kelly


An investment brokerage app that allows people from Australasia to easily invest in the US stock market

Aldar Batomunkuev (DCT – Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences), Viola Ember (CLS – Hospitality, tourism and events)

K&R Industries

A bread clip based around sustainability and a circular economy

Kylan Waters (BEL – Business and economics), Ria Sharma


A bike parking solution designed to encourage people to use public transport

Wendy Wang (DCT – Art and design), Xinjia Zhuang (DCT – Art and design), Ziyan Qiu (DCT – Art and design)

Prehospital Airway Filter

Paramedic airway management equipment

T'heniel Chetty (Postgrad, DCT – Art and design)


A student meal planner app based around helping young people shop, cook and connect

Jennifer Susanto (DCT – Art and design)


A wedding planner app bringing wedding service providers together in one place for ease of planning, booking and budgeting

Lourdes Maea (CLS – Education)

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