The Idea stage of X Challenge: FAQs

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Find out exactly what's involved in X Challenge The Idea, where you get the chance to develop an idea for a business, cause or project (either individually or as part of a team).

Exactly what it sounds like! Come up with a great idea. Enter using the online form where you can answer our two simple questions describing your idea. Push submit and wait to hear if your idea is one selected to win $250 cash!

The Idea is open to all current students of AUT across all faculties and campuses.

You may apply as an individual or in a team. If applying as a team the key team member and main contact needs to be a currently enrolled AUT student at the close of entry for The Idea or The Accelerator.

X Challenge The Idea and The Accelerator will run annually. There will be lots of lunch and learn sessions and support to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

The Idea consists of submitting a one-page idea through an online form for the chance to win one of 40 prizes of $250.

For The Accelerator you will be guided through the process of assembling a more detailed plan for getting your idea off the ground. There will be a number of lunch and learn sessions to help you develop your entry From The Accelerator entries 8 Finalists are selected to take part in a Dragons’ Den style pitch night, where $40K in cash plus prizes are up for grabs.

Complete and submit the entry form by 11:59pm on the closing date of 11 May.

No. Any currently enrolled student can enter.

Yes! We have had past students win multiple prizes for The Idea so send them all in and get feedback from the judges on which one to pour your energy into.

For The Idea there will be 40 prizes of $250 awarded for each winning entry.

No, X Challenge and AUT will not have a benefit share or shareholding in your idea.

The IP for your ideas belongs to you. By entering into the X Challenge The Idea, you will not be disclosing and demonstrating your entry to the public. We will not be sharing the idea online. Sharing your idea online may impact on your ability to formally protect your intellectual property rights. If we do decide to announce the winning ideas online we would ask your permission first.

The information you disclose in your entry and the inherent intellectual property (IP) should belong to you or your team and should be the product of your own work. Ensure you have the rights to disclose the intellectual property or confidential information of another party before you disclose it.

Make sure you have read through the terms and conditions.

If you are unsure or have any questions please contact us.

That’s up to you.

We hope the prize money goes towards helping you advance your idea but if you use it to celebrate on a night out with your friends, that is absolutely fine too.

No, for The Idea all we ask is for you to submit your idea via our online form.

No. You can enter either or both. The Idea and The Accelerator are independent from each other but we hope that the majority of students who enter The Idea will also enter The Accelerator.

  • The entrant must demonstrate they understand the problem they are trying to solve.
  • The entrant must demonstrate they understand who their customer is and their customer’s needs.
  • The entrant must demonstrate knowledge of the industry and market potential of their concept.

Yes. X Challenge and the Student Entrepreneurship team reserve the right to disqualify any entry that, in its collective judgement, violates the letter or the spirit of the competition rules and guidelines.

Read our terms and conditions


"X Challenge was one of the best learning opportunities I experienced during my six years at AUT. It helped our idea move from a concept, to something tangible with the potential to launch."
Aimee Moss – giveagood, 2019 Runner Up

"X Challenge is such an amazing opportunity to grow your skillset, and ways of thinking and working. It helped us (Flat Essentials) reflect, learn, and adapt, especially as we went through the ideation process."
Finlay Barnett – Flat Essentials, 2019 Finalist

"Being a finalist in the X Challenge has been great for our personal growth and development. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself at university, as it fuels rapid self-learning and makes you stand out to future employer."
Piggyback, 2018 Runner-Up

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