Developing your research skills

You need to develop your research skills to succeed in a research degree and in your career; no matter what your goals are. Research skills are not just a by-product of doing research - they're skills you can actively and purposefully develop.

Take charge of your development as a researcher by making the most of AUT’s research workshops, seminars, groups and resources. This web section covers the many ways AUT can help you develop these research skills.

What skills do researchers need?

Research is a complex endeavour, requiring a huge variety of skills. It’s not just about what you do in the lab or office. It’s also about:

  • How you communicate your research
  • How you organise your work
  • Personal characteristics like resilience and integrity
  • And much more

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework gives a great overview of the types of skills you need to be an effective researcher.

Vitae Researcher Development Framework

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