Plan your development as a researcher

No matter what your goals, you will need to develop your research skills to succeed in a research degree and in your career.

Research skills are not just a byproduct of doing research. They are capabilities that you can actively and purposefully develop. Take charge of your development as a researcher by making the most of AUT’s research workshops, seminars, groups, and resources.

Postgraduate Researcher Development Planner​​: view development opportunities

The Postgraduate Researcher Development Planner​ m​aps out AUT’s research skill development opportunities (workshops, support groups, resources and so on) according to the research stage and research activities they support.

The particular skills you need to develop will vary across the life of your research programme. Early on, you need to understand how to critically read others’ research and go through the ethic​s approval process; later, you need to know how to disseminate your findings and communicate your research impact.

Use this planner to plot out your development across the duration of your programme. It’s hyperlinked so that you can go straight to the website or booking page for your chosen development opportunity.

Postgraduate Researcher Development Planner​

​​What skills do researchers need?​

Research is a complex endeavour, requiring a huge variety of skills. It’s not just about wha​​t you do in the lab or office. It’s also about how you communicate your research; how you organise your work; personal characteristics like resilience and integrity; and much more.

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework​ gives a great overview of the types of skills you need to be an effective researcher.

Vitae Researcher Development Framework​

AUT Researcher Development Team

AUT’s Researcher Development team is responsible for the academic oversight of our skills development opportunities. You may see us facilitating some of the workshops and doctoral inductions.

We also make sure that your supervisors have plenty of opportunities to upskill as well.

Associate Professor Jennie Billot, Head of Researcher Development

JennieJennie draws o​n a broad wealth of experience for her current role as Head of Researcher Development. Having worked across all educational sectors, she has knowledge of directing higher education centres of​ research, undertaking sect​oral and institutional reviews, the teaching and learning process, and research supervision. As well as publishing on the theory and practice of educational leadership, she ​has researched academic identity in higher education, res​earcher capacity and capability building, postgraduate supervision, and ​​​developing research communities.

Dr Anaise Irvine, Resear​​cher Development Specialist

AnaiseAnaise has a research background in science and narrative. Anaise edits the Thesislink blog for postgraduate research students, acts as a staff ​​​​​ambassad​or to the Research Students Peer Group network, and contributes to the Postgraduate Seminar Series. She also has experience with PBRF, grant writing, contract support, and research software development.

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