Carbon emissions

AUT has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025 (compared to a 2018 baseline).

AUT's 2021 emissions

In 2021 AUT produced 6,059 tonnes CO2e – 55% less than AUT’s total emissions in 2018. This was mainly due to the effects of the pandemic, including campus shutdowns and reduced air travel.

Here is a breakdown of our emissions in 2021:

  • Commuter travel 39%
  • Electricity 23%
  • Natural gas 11%
  • Refrigerants 11%
  • Work from Home 4%
  • Transmission and distribution losses 3%
  • Waste 2%
  • Shuttle bus 2%
  • Air travel 1%
  • Fuel 1%
  • Other – Mixed 3%

AUT’s CO2e emissions inventory is currently going through verification against ISO 14064-1- Greenhouse Gases with an independent organisation and completion of the verification is expected shortly. The figures above will be updated to reflect any changes in total CO2e emissions post verification.

Decarbonising our operations

AUT is committed to decarbonising our operations with various sustainability measures. Learn about what we are doing in this space.

Facilities and operations

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