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AUT follows the Ministry of Education Guidelines for Tertiary Education Organisations for operations under the Government COVID-19 Protection Framework - the Traffic Light System.

AUT’s Position Statement Under the COVID-19 Protection Framework in 2022

Updated 9 December 2021

1. The University will rely on Government and their public health experts and advisors for the most authoritative and safe source of information and guidance on COVID-19 in Aotearoa.

2. The University will make every endeavour to comply with all the Government-mandated requirements of the new COVID-19 Protection Framework. Our priority remains keeping our staff and students safe while supporting work and learning as fully as possible.

3. The University’s positions on the key matters related to vaccination and operations have been determined taking into consideration consultation with staff, students and relevant groups, and the obligations the University has under the Acts of Parliament for employment, human rights, health orders, education, and health and safety.

4. All AUT statements and notices to staff, students and the public issued from any part of the University must be consistent with the positions set out in this statement as follows.

5. We encourage everyone who can get vaccinated to do so (based on recent survey information almost all our staff will be fully vaccinated by 2022).

6. Under the Red level of the Framework, by Government order, everyone on campus must be fully vaccinated and have a COVID-19 Vaccination Certification pass “My Vaccine Pass.” Information on how to go about getting a My Vaccine Pass is on the Unite Against COVID-19 Website.

7. Exceptions will be made for people with a medical exemption that has been approved by the Ministry of Health. Details on this process are on the Ministry of Health website here.

8. Methods of checking vaccination verification have been designed to minimize disruption and intrusion, but staff and students should keep their My Vaccine Pass with them when on campus. A necessary step is to register your My Vaccine Pass here.

9. We will contact those who have chosen not to be vaccinated or not to declare their vaccination status to help with options available to them.

10. Support for those who are unvaccinated or those concerned about the possibility of encountering unvaccinated people on campus is being made available to:

11. All appointments of new staff during the operation of the COVID Protection Framework will normally require verification of vaccination.

12. Under Red, in 2022:

  • campuses will be open and operating with required public health measures in place, including one metre distancing wherever possible, mask wearing recommended in confined spaces, and vaccination verification.
  • staff and students who wish to return to campus, are fully vaccinated, and have registered their My Vaccine Pass will be welcome.
  • staff who can work from home may do so with the concurrence of their manager, but fully vaccinated staff will be expected to be on campus whenever necessary to meet the requirements of their position.

13. Under Orange and Green of the Protection Framework, we anticipate that campuses will be open regardless of vaccination status, with necessary public health protections in place. There will, however, be some positions of employment for which vaccination will remain a requirement. Staff in these positions will be advised next year. The announcement that the level will change to Orange during our closure/summer operations has resulted in a decision that AUT’s campuses will operate as at the Red level until after the Auckland Anniversary Holiday on 31 January. This will enable vaccine requirements for roles to be finalised and provide staff and students with time to prepare for a full return to campus.

14.  Teaching and Learning: Under all levels of the COVID Protection Framework, we will be returning as much as possible to our normal blended learning arrangements, with public health requirements in place.

15. Students who choose not to be vaccinated can be enrolled for 2022 but cannot be on campus during Red level of the Framework.

16. Students will be advised at enrolment that:

  • unless fully vaccinated they will not be able to access in-person aspects of their courses during Red level restrictions; they will, however, be able to take advantage of the digital resources of our normal blended learning arrangements.
  • the University is not able to guarantee alternatives to learning opportunities that are unavailable under Government orders because of a student’s choice not to be vaccinated.
  • unvaccinated students taking courses leading to clinical or teacher registration, will not be able to complete the mandatory clinical and practicum elements of their courses at any level of the Protection Framework until they are vaccinated; this is a requirement of the placement locations and beyond the University’s control.
  • if lockdowns or other restrictions are imposed by Government the University will make all reasonable endeavours to comply with the teaching and learning designed for students’ programmes of study. In doing so, the University at its sole discretion may undertake certain actions, including full on-line delivery of teaching and learning or deferment to meet the requirements of students’ programmes of study in response to Government public health orders.

17.  Research including  graduate research and related activities will resume on campus, as much as possible. The public health requirements for research are the same as those for other on-campus and in-person activities (above).

The University position on matters related to vaccination and other public health measures will be reviewed regularly and with any change announced by Government.

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