Assessment results and course grading

Unconfirmed results for courses are usually available within two weeks of the end of semester and can be accessed online through Arion.

Arion website

​Once you log in, click on 'Academic Details' and then 'Assessment Details'.

Your results are not confirmed until they have been approved by the assessment board. Once your results are confirmed, an official results notice will be sent to you via email.

Official results will not be available for students who have outstanding fees or charges owed to AUT.

If you have any queries regarding your results, contact the Stude​n​t​ Hub.​

Reconsideration of marked work

You can apply for a reconsideration of your marked work, at the time your work is returned or within the time designated for reconsideration.

Reconsideration of Assessment form

Grading system

The following grading system is used to ​record assessment outcomes for course:

Achievement based grades

  • ​A+  = Pass with High Distinction​ (89.50-100%)
  • A  = Pass with Clear Distinction​ (84.50-89.49%)
  • A-  = Pass with Distinction​​ (79.50-84.49%)
  • B+  = Pass with High Merit (74.50-79.49%)
  • B  = Pass with Clear Merit (69.50-74.49%)
  • B-  = Pass with Merit (64.50-69.49%)
  • C+  = High Pass (59.50-64.49%)
  • C  = Clear Pass (54.50-59.49%)
  • C-  = Pass (49.50-54.49%)
  • D  = Fail (0.00-49.49​%)

Other standard grades used

  • W  = Withdrawn
  • S  = Aegrotat Pass
  • Cr  = Credit for Prior Learning
  • DS = Disrupted Study - Fail
  • CO  = Conceded Pass
  • DNC  = Did Not Complete
  • DSN = Disrupted Study – Not Completed

Competency based grades

  • M  = Pas with Merit
  • P  = Pass
  • F  = Fail

Interim grades used

  • STC  = Still to Complete
  • UX  = Under Examination

Disrupted study

At the end of each semester faculty Assessment Boards approve final course grades for students. These committees are responsible for the fair treatment of students and this includes recognising disrupted study. Failing grades including ‘D’ or Did Not Complete (DNC) and can impact on students’ academic progression and Grade Point Average (GPA).
The University has special grades for assessments and courses that reflect that study has been disrupted.

DS/DSN-Fail grade for courses

DS denotes a student receiving a final grade of D for a course completed during a period of disrupted study and DSN denotes a student receiving a final grade of DNC for a course completed during a period of disrupted study. The DS and DSN grades will be excluded from a student’s GPA calculation and may not impact on a student’s progression.

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