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At some point during your qualification, your ability to attempt or prepare for an assessment may be seriously affected by exceptional circumstances beyond your control. If this happens, you can apply for special consideration for that assessment.

Exceptional circumstances do not include:

  • ​Colds or minor illnesses​
  • Misreading assessment dates, times or instructions
  • Computer problems, including printer problems, unless they relate to an officially notified failure of University equipment
  • Losing data - ensure that you keep backup copies of everything.

Examples of exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances can be due to medical or emotional/mental conditions, as well as bereavement, being a victim of crime, essential sporting or religious commitments, AUT-related commitments and other circumstances.

The specific requirements for your application will depend on the situation and are explained in the Special Consideration Application (SCA) form.

​How to apply for special consideration

You must submit completed applications with supporting evidence no later than 5 working days from ​the assessment due date.  ​

​​If you do not have a valid reason for missing the due date or have not notified the teaching department within the required time, you will receive a failing grade for your assignment or examination.

To apply for special consideration:

  • Go to Blackboard
  • Click on the tab labelled 'Special Consideration' where you can apply for special consideration and find out more about the process.

Special Consideration Application user guide for students (Blackboard)

Medical and emotional/mental impairments and completing the Student Impairment Report

If the reason you give for your application is 'medical' or 'emotional/mental', you also need to provide a Student Impairment Report completed by a suitably qualified person.

Medical impairments

For medical impairments, registered nurses at the AUT Student Medical Centre are able to complete the Student Impairment Report for your Special Consideration Application.

Emotional or mental impairments

For emotional or mental impairments, there are suitably qualified staff within the Student Hub who can complete the Student Impairment Report (as well as all other professionals previously listed). If you want to speak to one of these designated staff regarding your Special Consideration Application, contact the Student Hub.

Student Counselling and Mental Health services are still available for appointments if you have urgent or ongoing needs for counselling and/or mental health support.​

Book Student Hub appointments online with the AUT app

You can book an appointment with a Student Hub advisor using the AUT app. You can book an advisor to discuss disability support, Special Consideration Applications on emotional or mental health grounds, or financial assistance online. When you’ve selected the service, you’ll see a list of available times and days to book.

Follow these steps to make an appointment:

  • Open the AUT app and select the three lines in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Select ‘My AUT’
  • Select ‘Bookings’
  • Select ‘STUDENT HUB’
  • Select Online
  • Select the service
  • Select the advisor you want to meet with
  • Select the day and time
  • Add any relevant details in the special requests box
  • Select Book

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