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The Learning Communities Peer Mentoring Programme can connect you with a senior student who can mentor you in a chosen subject and can help you with general academic skills.

If you’ve used the service before, you can book a peer mentor appointment just as you did before. If you’re new to the service, here’s how to book an appointment.

Email us at if you cannot find a suitable peer mentor or if their available time doesn’t work for you.

For more information about the programme, as well as Māori peer mentors and South Campus DCT peer mentors, check the contact details section.

Peer mentors are taking a break

Our hard-working Learning Communities peer mentors will be taking a break from Monday 29 June until Monday 27 July, as it’s the end of the semester.

If you require assistance, you can:

How to book an appointment

  • Choose a suitable mentor by searching or looking (using one or more of the following):
    • Under appropriate school or faculty
    • For the closest or most suitable programme
    • By specific paper if necessary
    • By each peer mentor’s mentoring times (once available times are posted)
  • Once an appropriate peer mentor is identified and times match your availability, click ‘Booking’. This will take you to the Elab booking system.
  • From the calendar in Elab, find a day with available appointments and choose a preferred time. Complete the ‘Comments’ section by indicating what paper or particular help you need.
  • You’ll then receive a booking confirmation email from Elab.
  • After that, you’ll receive a Microsoft Teams meeting notification for the appointment time you made, and you’ll receive instructions on getting set up in Teams for your peer mentor appointment.

The video will take you through the process from making the appointment to getting set up on Teams in time for your online peer mentor appointment:

Become a mentor

Interested in becoming a mentor? Register your interest by emailing us:
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