COVID-19 support for AUT students

We understand that it's very disappointing when COVID-19 makes an appearance and disrupts all normalcy in our lives. Our range of COVID-19 support ensures that we provide AUT students with as much assistance as possible when studying remotely due to alert levels and border restrictions.

Find out more about AUT's COVID-19 support

We have a range of COVID-19 support for AUT students, ranging from financial to technology assistance, and lots of friendly faces to virtually connect when you’re stuck at home. Click on the image to find out more.

Our tips for you to stay well during lockdowns and studying remotely

Maintaining your personal wellbeing is crucial for coping with the changes that come with alert level restrictions. Make sure you take time out during your day to reset and centre yourself with our tips and services available to you at AUT. Click on the image to find out more.

Our tips for study success during lockdown

We understand studying at home can be hard compared to when you’re on campus. We hope these tips help you make the most of studying remotely and achieve study success during lockdown. Click on the image to find out more.

Your academic progression

As COVID-19 may be affecting your academic progression, we want to ensure all students are supported to achieve in their learning. Find out about the provisions we've put in place to support you.

Student academic progression affected by COVID-19

Request COVID-19 support or tell us about your situation

Student FAQs

Locations of interest and keeping track of where you've been

You now only need to use one app for contact tracing purposes when you're on campus – the NZ COVID Tracer app, with Bluetooth turned on. Make sure you scan into every room and also stay connected to the AUT wifi.

If there are any new cases or places of interest at AUT, we will post details on Student Hub Online and the AUT App, as well as send a notification via the AUT App. All locations of interest will be updated on our website.

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