Immunisation and vaccines: staying healthy while studying

Find out about the COVID-19 vaccine, flu vaccine, protection from measles, and information about other infectious diseases. Serious illness can have a serious effect on your ability to complete your studies. Here at AUT, we’re committed to making sure your health, safety and wellbeing are the best they can be.

COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccines are the strongest protection we currently have against COVID-19. Getting vaccinated is free and available at vaccination centres across the country, to everyone living in New Zealand. If you have questions about the vaccination, watch AUT biological engineer Steve Henry simplify the science behind the vaccine.

Flu vaccines

You can get the flu vaccine at the Student Medical Centre. The cost is $15 for enrolled patients, and $30 for casual and international students. Phone in to book an appointment.

Protect yourself from preventable diseases

The Immunisation Advisory Centre and AUT have developed an important fact sheet, outlining how you can help protect yourself from a number of preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and rubella, influenza, chicken pox and meningococcal disease.​

There’s also information available to support students who are enrolled in clinical programmes, where there’s an increased risk of contracting and spreading infectious diseases.

'Staying healthy while studying' fact sheet (Immunisation Advisory Centre website)


Measles is among the most contagious viral disease known. An infected person is unknowin​gly spreading the virus four days before ​they develop the measles rash and 9 out of 10 unprotected people coming into contact with an infected person will get sick. ​The virus can also still make you sick two hours ​after the infected person has left the room.

What do I need to look for?

  • Measles starts with a fever, red eyes, cough, and runny nose
  • About three days later, a red rash starts on the face and spreads down the body.

Next steps

  • Have you been immunised? Vaccinations are free. To be protected, you need to have had two mumps, measles and rubella vaccinations. Check with your doctor (GP) or ask your parent/s or caregiver/s.
  • If you’re feeling unwell, isolate yourself and phone Healthline on 0800 611 116
  • Do not come into any of the three AUT campuses – stay at home​

Immunisation screening for students in clinical programmes

If you’re an AUT student studying a clinical programme like physiotherapy, occupational therapy or nursing, watch the video below. It explains how immunisation screening works and how you can get evidence, blood tests and vaccines to meet screening requirements for your programme.

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