Scholarship student support

Scholarship Student Support, as distinct from the Scholarships Office, offers all undergraduate scholars an extensive programme of support during their degree. This support starts with the Scholars’ Welcome for all new scholars during Orientation week and continues with regular progress reports that are required of all scholars.

​Progress reports and support

The online progress report gives scholars the opportunity to request support for academic progress, health and wellbeing, social interaction, accommodation and any other challenges they may be facing. At the end of the year, an event is held to recognise and celebrate student achievement and those who are graduating.

In addition to this one-to-one support for scholars, we offer a range of professional development opportunities as well as social and charitable involvement in support of our AUT Scholars’ Society.

AUT Scholars’ Society

The Scholars’ Society​ is led by a Student Executive Committee and is an affiliated student club of AUTSA. The society exists to create a range of opportunities for not only scholarship students but for all AUT students to take part in, such as the scholars’ annual ball, charity appeals and activities and other networking opportunities to connect students with each other.

Scholars’ Society​ on Facebook
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Scholarships Office

The Scholarships Office deals with the financial invoices of fees and manages the regulations and conditions of the scholarships.

Scholarships and awards at AUT​

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