Spirituality and chaplaincy

Your time at AUT provides opportunities to learn, experience life, and explore ideas and values. AUT Spirit (spirituality and chaplaincy) encourages understanding, tolerance and harmony. We emphasise exploration and support, and we respect everyone’s spiritual views.

We take a 'multifaith' approach by pro​viding spiritual support to students from various beliefs.

Words like 'faith', 'religion' and 'spirituality' mean different things to different people. Some people identify as 'spiritual', but don't belong to any religion or faith group. Others find even the label 'spiritual' doesn't fit. ​

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Chaplains are made up of a team of multifaith based servant leaders. They are approachable and take an active interest in helping others in a range of practical ways like: leading prayer, meditation, scripture study, conducting lectures, or blessing spaces. You can contact them to discuss your spiritual interests. They can also assist you with personal and spiritual growth, provide information on their faith’s beliefs and practices, conduct ceremonies, discuss the meaning or purpose of life, and attend to life passages (like births, marriages, deaths). In times of crisis, uncertainty or celebration – it can help to have a neutral voice to help you through these moments to gain clarity.

Clubs list on AUTSA website​

​AUT Chaplaincy Co-ordinator: Reverend Linda T Hope​​​

Contact details

Phone 021 155 9197

Available by appointment or by dropping in to WB114 on Wednesdays or Thursdays during the semester.
Outside of these days please contact 021 155 9197.

Contact Linda for room bookings:

North Campus Multifaith RoomAP102

City Campus Multifaith Room WB246

South Campus Multifaith Room MC202c


Linda is a Christian Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa-New Zealand. She has been ordained for over 25 years and has worked in parishes, an F1-F7 integrated school, the military (Royal NZ Air Force), the Seafarers’ Centre, and in the community as well as a private business. Since 2009, Linda has volunteered at a national level for her Tokelauan ethnic group in Tokelau and Aotearoa-NZ. She has conducted research or facilitated workshops on language preservation and retention, sexual violence prevention, access to palliative care and hospice services, overcoming domestic abuse, and suicide prevention.

​Islamic (Muslim) Chaplain: Sheikh Rafat Najm​

Contact details

Phone 021 134 0501 (no answers for text messages)

Available on Mondays by appointment.​

Muslim Prayer Room access, opening hours and sessions

The Muslim Prayer Room is located on the City campus in WT012, on Lorne Street.
Open week days and weekends 5am-11pm
Access to WT012 is via swipe card access, using your Student ID Card.
Contact Security for Access outside these hours.

Jummah Friday Prayers

Summer: Session one at 1.30pm, Session two at 2.00pm, Session three at 2.30pm
Winter: Session one at 12.30pm, Session two at 1.30pm


Sheikh Rafat Najm is a Muslim Scholar who studied Islamic Studies at Al Azhar University, and has a BA in Law and Islamic Law (Cairo - Egypt). He came to New Zealand in 1997 and worked as an Imam of Christchurch Mosque. He is involved in Muslim youth spirituality, and organising camps and trips for Muslim youth. He has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies for the previous eight years. Rafat enjoys tramping, volleyball, soccer and reading. He is very pleased to meet with Muslim students, and guide them spiritually. He is fluent in Arabic and English.

​Christian Chaplain: Reverend Zibai Louis Liu

Contact details

Phone 021 163 8810​

Available by appointment: City Campus - Wednesdays 2pm to 5pm


Zibai Louis Liu is a part-time chaplain for Unitec Waitakere Campus (from 2013, to present) and also a pastor from Church of Nazarene New Zealand for Asian ministries (from 2012 to present). He is a qualified Dentist (Beijing China) who came to NZ, retrained, studied and graduated from Laidlaw College (BCNZ) with a Bachelor degree of Divinity in 2010.He also has various interests from film and photography to water sport such as sailing. And he loves languages, currently learning Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

Reverend Ravi Musuku​

Contact details

Phone 021 296 4976


Meetings are arranged by appointment for Wednesdays 9:30 am - 12:00pm at City Campus.

Church Address: Immanuel City Church  202 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland 1042

Sunday Worship Service at 10:30am


Reverend Ravi Musuku is a Baptist pastor of Immanuel City Church, Auckland with a focus on migrants and international students. He was until recently a member of the Human Rights Review Tribunal, New Zealand.

Prior to taking up full-time Christian ministry, Ravi gained a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. He has held positions in industry as owner-manager, principal of a technical institute and manager of a retail pharmacy. As a young born-again Christian, Ravi was active in student ministry even when he was holding positions in the industry.

Ravi migrated to New Zealand in 1998. He took up more studies in Auckland and gained a Bachelor of Theology (University of Auckland), a Pastoral Leadership Diploma (Carey Baptist College) and qualifications in Clinical Pastoral Education and Radio Ministry.

Having been a migrant and adult student, studied and worked abroad and now living and working in New Zealand, Ravi understands the spiritual, emotional and well-being needs of university students. He would be delighted to have an opportunity to meet with you.

Christian Chaplain: Reverend Doctor William Chang

Contact details

Phone 021 1129929

Available by appointment on Wednesdays or by dropping into Multifaith Room WB246 for a Wednesday (during Semester) Bible Study from 10am – 12noon.


William has been a minister of the Lutheran Church in Singapore since 1986 and was ordained in 1990. He is a guest pastor of the Lutheran Church of New Zealand serving an Asian congregation in Auckland. He holds a PhD in theology. He is a pastor, missionary and seminary professional with local and international experience.

He has global experience in the areas of interfaith, human trafficking and human rights while working with the Lutheran World Federation (head office of the world Lutheran communion) in Geneva, Switzerland for 5 years, before his coming to New Zealand as the Asia-Pacific Regional Director. During which time, he had global collaborations with the World Council of Churches and the United Nations.

He has spoken and done research work in Christian spirituality, human identity, postmodernity and globalisation.

Contact us

Linda T Hope
Chaplaincy Co-ordinator
021 155 9197

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