Financial services and support for students

We understand that studying can be tough on your finances. That's why we have a team of helpful and approachable staff who can help you. Contact the Student Hub – we’re here to help.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance is available for times when you have a financial emergency or are experiencing a period of financial difficulty, with no savings to help you get back on track. We understand financial difficulty can impact study significantly and we may be able to provide help with:

  • Food or transport vouchers
  • Rent arrears payments
  • Utilities and other living expenses
  • Laptop loans and data packages
  • Childcare

How to request financial assistance

Contact the Student Hub or make an appointment with an advisor via the AUT App. They will discuss your situation with you and carry out a financial assessment. Let the advisor know if your request is urgent.

What you need to request financial assistance

  • You must be a currently enrolled student
  • You will need to provide:
    • One month’s bank statement for all your bank accounts (including any savings accounts or accounts with different banks)
    • Copies of invoices if you are requesting assistance with bills (like power, internet, phone)
    • For expenses that may be difficult to provide an invoice, we may request a quote (such as for medical expenses or immunisations)

You are not eligible if:

  • You are on a study break longer than three weeks
  • You are on an overseas government financial guarantee
  • You’re studying offshore

How the process works

Here are the different ways we may provide you with the funds for financial assistance:

  • Payment into an NZ bank account in your name
  • Payment directly to your creditors (e.g., landlord, doctor, power company)
  • Food or petrol vouchers provided from any of the three Student Hubs

Relevant websites

​There are a number of great websites when it comes t​o advice on budgeting and money management while you're studying.


You can apply online for a student loan or allowance.

Apply to StudyLink​

Work and Income (WINZ)

Work and Income are available to help you financially if you're on a low income, not working, have unexpected costs or need help with living expenses and accommodation support.

WINZ website


Sorted is a free online tool funded by the government and is dedicated to helping you manage your money and personal finances. It will help you budget and plan for your future.

Sorted​ website

FinCap (Financial Capability)

FinCap is a trust supported by the Ministry of Social Development that provides budgeting services.

FinCap website

Healthy Food Guide

The Healthy Food Guide website provides recipes and other useful information and a monthly digital magazine (magazine requires a subscription fee) that helps you make healthy food decisions.

Healthy Food Guide​ website

Tenancy Services

Tenancy Services provides information and advocacy for renters. The  Rent, bond and bills section has information about the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities, and how to resolve any disputes that arise.

Rent, bond and bills on Tenancy Serv​ices website​

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