Student ID cards for international students

As an international student you can use your AUT student ID card to access library and computer facilities, use photocopiers and get student discounts. This page has information on AUT student ID cards and how to get a replacement card.

You can receive your ID card at International Orientation (new students only) or it can be mailed to your Auckland address (if you’re a returning student).

Receiving your ID card: what you need to do

  1. Provide 1 passport-sized photograph with your application form. If you need to obtain passport-sized photographs when you arrive in Auckland you can visit Yellow Camera on Queen St (next to Smith & Caughey’s department store)
  2. Sign and return a copy of your Acceptance of Offer of Place form. We recommend that you do this as soon as you receive it
  3. Have paid your full tuition fees and the compulsory student services fee and received your receipt or payment acknowledgement letter
  4. Have paid for medical and travel insurance and received your receipt or provided a copy of the policy of another preferred provider if you decide not to use the AUT Studentsafe-University cover
  5. Have provided your Auckland mailing address
  6. Have selected your papers so that your timetable is arranged
  7. Bring your passport with your AUT student visa to International Orientation

Uses for your student ID card

  • Proof of enrolment, access to class and entry to exams
  • Access to library facilities
  • Use of photocopiers
  • Access to computer facilities
  • Student discounts where applicable, in conjunction with AUTSA – the AUT students’ association

Always carry your student ID card when you are on campus and present it to AUT staff if requested.

The card is non-transferable and remains the property of AUT.

Lost ID cards: how to get a replacement card

  • Visit the Student Hub to get a replacement card
  • There may be a $30 replacement charge
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