Orientation is an exciting day on campus and a great start to your student journey. It will help prepare you for life and study at AUT and make sure you’re ready when classes start. On the day, you’ll meet your faculty and fellow students studying your qualification, get to terms with campus layout, get connected to the free AUT wifi, and learn all about the support options available to help you succeed.

Save the date for Semester 1 2022 Orientation

Orientation for Semester 1 2022 will take place from Monday 21 February to Thursday 24 February 2022. More information will be available soon. In the meantime, you can watch our Online Orientation videos ahead of the on-campus experience.

Online Orientation

Orientation: an on-campus experience

Orientation is a day not to be missed, so it’s really important that you come along to kick-start your study and time at AUT. But if you can’t make it, feel free to have a chat with one of our student ambassadors.

Coming along to Orientation will help prepare you for your first semester at AUT – you'll get tips and advice from student ambassadors on what to bring to classes, where you can buy textbooks and food, and how to use your time between lectures.

What to wear to Orientation

Wear whatever makes you comfortable during Orientation and once your classes start. Our student ambassadors say jeans and a t-shirt are a typical first-day outfit.

Comfortable shoes are a good idea, as there can be lots of walking between sessions.

What to bring

Bring your smartphone (with the AUT app downloaded) to help make the whole process smoother. You’ll also need something to take notes with (pen and paper, computer or tablet). If you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry – you can hire one from Tech Central and a student ambassador can show you on the day

The AUT Student Association (AUTSA) will provide a campus kai, but feel free to bring some food with you as it’s a long day.

What to do between your sessions

There are lots of things to see and do between your Orientation sessions, so make sure you get out and explore (if you have the time):

  • Check out our zones, discover our services and maybe win a prize or two!
  • Visit the Student Hub and chat to a student advisor
  • Take an Orientation tour
  • Learn from a student ambassador who has 'been there, done that'
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make a friend
  • Complete your study-ready checklist in the AUT app

Student ambassadors: look for the teal t-shirt

Our student ambassadors are on campus to help you find your way, answer questions and pass on some friendly advice. Look for the teal AUT t-shirts.


At AUT, we want you to succeed in your studies. During Orientation, you’ll attend a range of workshops that focus on giving you the tools and knowledge to achieve academic and study success. Check out the sessions in your app or in the event schedules above.

How much study time should I plan for?

An average student is expected to spend 150 hours per paper each semester:

  • You might have 30-50 hours of class time (like lectures, tutorials, workshops and labs)
  • That leaves 100-120 hours for you to study and do your assignments

For four papers, this comes to about:

  • 120-200 hours of class time
  • 400-480 hours for studying and assignments

Per week (in a 15-week semester), that’s about:

  • 8-13 hours of class time
  • 27-32 hours for studying and assignments

So, an average student might study for about 40 hours per week, which is like having a full-time job.

Buying textbooks

There are a few places to buy and borrow course-related textbooks:

  • The AUT Library (borrow for free)
  • PinkLime (sells workbooks for some papers)
  • Online: check Facebook and TradeMe

During the IT Sorted session at Orientation, you’ll get an overview of the digital platforms you'll use at AUT, where to use computers on campus, and how and where to get IT help if you need it.

Your IT account

Before you can start using any AUT online services, you need to register your IT account. You’ll need your network login username and password (you can find these on your student ID card).

For new students, your default password is your date of birth in ddmmm format, where mmm is the first three letters of your month of birth. Example: 03aug

Once you log in, click on the “Click to Register” option. You’ll be prompted to register by setting up a new password, recovery options, and accepting ICT’s terms and conditions. You can always edit these details at a later point using the Password Help option in ns.aut.ac.nz.

Digital platforms: Arion, Blackboard and student website

There are several online platforms you’ll use regularly while you’re a student here. You can access them using your network login and password.

  • Arion: for your grades, paying fees, to enrol
  • Blackboard: for course material, class information and study guides
  • Student website (Student Hub Online): for student services and info – like your timetable, events and notices, and for access to other online systems
  • AUT app: a dedicated app bringing together key digital functions from across AUT

Free Microsoft Office 365

All students can get Microsoft Office 365 for free for the duration of their studies at AUT.

It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive for Business and because it’s cloud-based, you can use it from anywhere – you don’t have to be on an AUT computer.

How to get Microsoft Office 365 (Service Now knowledge base)

Topping up your printing and internet account

You get 40GB of internet data per month to use across AUT computers and personal devices connected to AUT wifi. To be able to use your internet data, you’ll need to register your IT account as described above.

You can top up your printing and internet account at self-service kiosks on campus, or online at https://ns.aut.ac.nz

Computer and laptop bookings at Tech Central

You can use AUT computers in Tech Central – some must be booked online ahead of time, but there are some you can use on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. You’ll find Tech Central in the Library on each campus, as well as at other general access areas.

Book a computer online at www.labbooking.aut.ac.nz

Remote access to AUT computers

You can access AUT computers from off campus and use specialist software that you may need for your studies. Check our page about remote access for details about how to log in remotely.

Accessing AUT computers remotely

Contact the ICT Service Desk

The ICT Service Desk can help with computers, network, internet, printers and other ICT services.

Phone: 0800 AUT ICT (0800 288 428)

Get IT help if you're studying offshore

If you are having IT issues or trouble registering your AUT IT account while you’re studying outside NZ, you can use the online form to let us know.

Online IT help form

Online IT help: use the IT knowledge base

Use our Service Now knowledge base articles to get answers for your IT questions.

Service Now knowledge base

As a new student, you’ll probably want to get familiar with your campus as soon as you can – coming along to Orientation is a great way to do that.

The information below will help you start learning your way to and around our campuses, from the rooms you'll need to the shuttle buses.

Our campuses: guides to the City, North and South Campus

AUT has three campuses around Auckland – in the city, on the North Shore, and in Manukau. Get campus maps, directions and parking information for each campus:

Find a room or lecture theatre: understanding AUT’s room codes

All rooms at AUT have a room code – usually made up of two letters and three numbers, like WG403.

  • W: the first letter tells you the campus:
    • W = City Campus (located on Wellesley St)
    • A = North Campus (located on Akoranga Drive)
    • M = South Campus (located in Manukau)
  • G: the second letter tells you the building (each building has a different letter allocated to it)
  • 4: the first number tells you the level (or floor) of the building
  • 03: the last two numbers tell you the room number

AUT shuttle buses and student travel discounts

Shuttle buses run between the City and South Campuses, and eligible students can get discounted travel on public transport using an AT HOP card.

AUT shuttle buses

AUT has shuttle buses which run between the City and South Campuses. Shuttle buses have free wifi, ramps for wheelchair users, and provide schedule updates to passengers.

Shuttle bus info and timetable

Tertiary concession: student discount on Auckland Transport services

An AT HOP tertiary concession gives eligible students discounted travel using an AT (Auckland Transport) HOP card on public transport around Auckland.

Tertiary concession info, eligibility and how to apply

Accessibility on and around campus

Our Student Hub can connect you with the Disability Support team if you have a disability or impairment. This information might help you get around AUT:

Parking on campus

There’s parking for mobility cardholders on each campus – make sure you always display your card. You can find car park locations on our campus maps – check the campus pages listed above.

If you require parking while you study, please meet with an advisor from Disability Support. Charges may apply.

Accessibility on campus

You can access all lecture theatres, classrooms, buildings and most toilets at AUT by wheelchair.

Most of our buildings have a lift or ramp, with an accessible toilet close by. Many doors open automatically or have buttons to open them.

Some of our lifts have raised numerals or braille on buttons, and others also use voice announcements.

Guide dogs and support dogs

Guide dogs and support dogs are welcome on campus.

Student FAQs

Can't make our on-campus Orientation?

While we highly recommend you join our on-campus Orientation event, we know not everyone can make it. Check out our online introduction to AUT, which will help set you up for study success no matter where you are.

Online Orientation

The official AUT app is your #1 tool as a student

Make the most of Orientation and your time at AUT, by downloading the official AUT app before Orientation. The app will contain everything you need, including your study ready check list, schedule builder, timetable and more.

Find out more

Contact the Student Hub

Need help or have a question? The Student Hub is located on each campus.

Hub locations and hours

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