Orientation is a great way to kickstart your university journey. Whether you’re joining us straight from school, after a study break, or retraining in something new, our Orientation programme will help set you up for success at uni.

Getting Started: your first 8 weeks at AUT

Each week for the first 8 weeks of Semester 2, 2022, our student ambassadors will  introduce you to AUT's services and events to help you get off to the best start. Check back each week for the latest video.

Getting Started: your first 8 weeks

Orientation resources

Here are some of the tools, services and platforms you'll use during your study at AUT. These resources will come in handy – so check back whenever you need them.

The basics

You will need an AUT network login and password to use all the tools and platforms at AUT. Your network login will be emailed to you in your Orientation invite. It also appears on the bottom-right corner of your student ID card.

Network login and password

Learn more about what you need to do to receive your ID card in the mail this semester.

Student ID cards

Now is the perfect time to get your enrolments sorted if they aren’t already. If you’re having issues with enrolling in your papers, get in touch with your programme administrators.

We have support available for all students including specialised support for our communities like international, disabled, Deaf, Rainbow, and Māori.

Support services

Our student advisors can guide you to the right support service, like:

  • Financial assistance
  • Applying for extensions for assessments (special consideration applications)
  • Academic help
  • Disabilities support
  • General enquiries

The Student Hub also provides specialised support teams dedicated towards helping international students, and disability, Deaf and Rainbow students.

You can either walk into one of the three Student Hub physical locations on each campus or get in touch with them via phone call or online for general enquiries. For specialised support, you can book an appointment with an advisor of your choice to avoid wait times. You can do this through the AUT App or your dashboard on Student Hub Online.

Student Hub services and support

As a new student, you'll probably want to get familiar with your campus as soon as you can.

Our campuses: guides to the City, North and South Campus

AUT has three campuses around Auckland – in the City, on the North Shore, and in Manukau. Get campus maps, directions and parking information for each campus:

Find a room or lecture theatre: understanding AUT's room codes

All rooms at AUT have a room code – usually made up of two letters and three numbers, like WG403.

  • W: the first letter tells you the campus:
    • W = City Campus (located on Wellesley St)
    • A = North Campus (located on Akoranga Drive)
    • M = South Campus (located in Manukau)
  • G: the second letter tells you the building (each building has a different letter allocated to it)
  • 4: the first number tells you the level (or floor) of the building
  • 03: the last two numbers tell you the room number

Use Maze maps to find your way around campus

AUT shuttle buses

AUT has shuttle buses which run between the City and South Campuses. Shuttle buses have free wifi and ramps for wheelchair users.

Shuttle bus info and timetable

Tertiary concession: student discount on Auckland Transport services

An AT HOP tertiary concession gives eligible students discounted travel using an AT (Auckland Transport) HOP card on public transport around Auckland.

Tertiary concession info, eligibility and how to apply

Our Student Hub can connect you with the Disability Support team if you have a disability or impairment.

Disability Support team

Parking on campus

Parking for mobility cardholders is available on each campus. You will need to apply for a permit. The Disability Support team can help organise this for you by providing information about parking locations, costs, dedicated spots and financial help to pay for it. You can book an appointment with the team on the AUT App or your Student Hub Online dashboard, or by emai: disability.office@aut.ac.nz

Accessibility on campus

You can access all lecture theatres, classrooms, buildings and most toilets at AUT by wheelchair. Most of our buildings have a lift or ramp, with an accessible toilet close by. Many doors open automatically or have buttons to open them. Some of our lifts have raised numerals or braille on buttons, and others also use voice announcements.

Guide dogs and support dogs

Guide dogs and support dogs are welcome on campus.

Digital tools

Student Hub Online is your go-to for all information to make the most of your time at AUT. From information on getting around, medical centres, studying and IT, to opportunities and careers and postgraduate research.

Student Hub Online

Student Hub Online houses your personal dashboard for news and events as well as your schedule and balances. It’s also where you can book study spaces and appointments with specialised services. Most of your dashboard is also viewable on the AUT App so you can access information and make bookings on the go too. You will need to use your network login and password to log into your dashboard. Use the 'login' button on Student Hub Online.

View your dashboard

Make the most of Orientation and your time at AUT, by downloading the official AUT App. The AUT App contains everything you need, including your study ready check list, news and events, the AUT and Orientation communities to connect with peers, booking systems and an AUT playlist of videos you might find helpful.

More information about the AUT app

Download the AUT App:

Canvas is AUT’s web-based learning environment where students can access course material, key readings, announcements from lecturers, and other resources to help manage your learning throughout your study.

Each of the courses you’re enrolled in will start showing up on your Canvas dashboard during Orientation week.

Your login name and password for Canvas will be the same as for logging into Student Hub Online and AUT computers. When you move between Canvas and Office 365 (for example, Microsoft Teams) you may need to log in again using your network account.

Learn more about Canvas

Log into Canvas

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is free for all students to use for all your study needs. This includes Microsoft Teams, which is a digital hub that brings your conversations, content, documents, and apps together in one place.

Your login name and password for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams will be the same as for logging into Student Hub Online and AUT computers. When you move between Canvas and Office 365 (for example, Teams) you may need to log in again using your network account.

Microsoft Office 365

How to access Microsoft Teams

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats – and it lets you record those sessions to view later.

Download guide: how to use Zoom

As an AUT student, we want to make sure you have access to our range of IT services. For more details about anything IT-related at AUT – from using the network to printing and copying, check our IT services information.

IT services

Study success

Buying textbooks

There are a few places to buy and borrow course-related textbooks:

  • The AUT Library (borrow for free)
  • PinkLime, AUT’s print shop (sells workbooks for some papers)
  • Online: check Facebook and TradeMe

Plan your study time

An average student is expected to spend 150 hours per course each semester. So, an average student might study for about 40 hours per week, which is like having a full-time job.

  • You might have 30-50 hours of class time (like lectures, tutorials, workshops and labs)
  • That leaves 100-120 hours for you to study and do your assignments

For four courses, this comes to about:

  • 120-200 hours of class time
  • 400-480 hours for studying and assignments

Per week (in a 15-week semester), that’s about:

  • 8-13 hours of class time
  • 27-32 hours for studying and assignments

Study from home

Find out how to access AUT’s computers remotely and tips on setting up your workstation when you study from home.

Accessing AUT’s computers from home

Setting up your workstation at home

If you would like to get a home study space set up, OfficeMax offers exclusive deals on office furniture for AUT students.

Download OfficeMax AUT student promotion info

Printing design projects and assessments

While you can use printers across all campuses for your everyday printing needs, some projects will need a professional touch. PinkLime is AUT's print room for your projects. In addition to printing, binding, laminating, PinkLime also sells workbooks for some AUT courses.

Drop into a PinkLime at our City or North campuses to see how they can help.

PinkLime website

Peer mentors

Peer mentors are senior students who provide one-on-one mentoring for a chosen subject area. It’s a great way to talk to someone who previously completed the same course as you and get tips on how to succeed. You can book a peer mentor via the AUT App.

About peer mentors

AUT Library

Did you know the library offers a lot more than just books to borrow? The AUT Library offers a range of services and resources to help you get the most out of studying here.

This includes access to:

  • Referencing and APA support
  • Academic writing guides
  • Workshops to improve your searching and writing skills
  • Assistance finding academic sources
  • Silent study areas and group study rooms

AUT libraries are study environments for all students with varied study spaces, computers, printing and scanning facilities, as well as library and IT help.

AUT Library website

AUT Library workshops

Follow the AUT Library on Facebook and Instagram


Studiosity is a personal online help service that is available 24/7 free of charge to provide guidance and feedback on a range of academic skills.You will find that Studiosity has already been set up in your Canvas account, under the ‘Help’ menu  or you can access it through Student Hub Online.

On Studiosity, you can upload a draft of your work for feedback or chat with a real subject specialist.

Learn more and use Studiosity

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a website that offers over 267,000 online video tutorials covering a range of subject areas. As an AUT student, you can access LinkedIn Learning for free.

To access LinkedIn Learning, go to the website and click on ‘Sign in’ in the top right-hand corner. Use your AUT username and password to sign in.

LinkedIn Learning website


When you submit your assessments in Canvas, they usually get processed through Turnitin. Turnitin is a text matching tool that can tell you how similar your work is to other texts, like articles, books, webpages and other previously submitted assessments.

This video shows you how to read the originality report that Turnitin generates:

Academic Integrity module

These bite-sized modules cover academic integrity and collaboration, intellectual property and copyright, referencing, plagiarism and academic misconduct at AUT.

Each module has a short video, a little bit of reading, and interactive quiz questions.

Begin the module

Introduction to academic writing

Referencing and Integrity

Getting started with PG coursework

Learning how to stand out to employers when looking for a work placement, internship or graduate job is a skill.

Our Employability and Careers team can:

  • Improve your CV, LinkedIn profile, help you job search, and provide interview techniques
  • Increase your networking skills with speaker series, career fairs, workshops and presentations
  • Explore opportunities for internships
  • Connect you with employers looking for students for co-operative education, work experience placements or voluntary work
  • Help you find your career focus

Employability and careers

How to stay well and connected

The R U OK advisors are a team of AUT students that serve to check in on students on campus, throughout the academic year. Student life often involves a lot of stress and anxiety so our R U OK advisors aim to be a friendly face to talk to and offer tips and guidance around AUT’s wellbeing services and initiatives.

The R U OK team have an online presence via the R U OK Facebook page. If you just want someone to talk to, you can join the page and send a message to the team. They are also able to connect you with student services and resources.

R U OK Facebook page

The Bright Side community comes together for conversation, connection and reflection on the ups and downs of being human. Sign up to their regular programme of talks, workshops, rituals, and social events. The workshops cover topics like self-care, self-discovery and designing the impact you want to make in your life. You will also have free access to health coaches to support you to reach your health and life goals.

Bright Side: community and personal development

We want to help you maintain a good level of wellbeing while balancing your life and studies, which can sometimes be a challenge and lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

So, we’ve put together some tips on Student Hub Online which covers how to take care of different aspects of your wellbeing.

Make sure you are prioritising your health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing information

The AUT Gym is a great place to take a break from studies and work on your physical and mental wellbeing. We have state of the art indoor and outdoor training spaces at all three AUT campus locations. We offer a range of specialist services so whatever your goal, our motivating team will get you there.

AUT Gym website

Access online content like workouts and recipes

If you are unable to attend our gyms, you can still follow the AUT Gym social channels to access a range of content from workouts to recipes.

There is a bank of group exercise classes that are currently on their Instagram and accessible to anyone. Below is the how-to guide to get to it.

  1. Head over to the @autgym Instagram page
  2. Press the middle IGTV section and it should bring up a series of larger videos. This is all of our pre-recorded Group Fitness classes and a range of other motivating videos we have posted in the past.
  3. At the top left you will see the ‘Series’ button. If you click this, you can see a list of each series available to you.

Follow the AUT Gym on Facebook and Instagram

AUTSA exists to advocate and represent the interests of all students attending AUT, publish the university magazine, Debate, and run many of the social activities during Orientation and throughout the year.

Check out their website and social channels to see how they can help or to get in contact.

AUTSA website

Follow AUTSA on Facebook and Instagram

AUT’s recreation centre, located in the WQ building on the City Campus, has been designed to provide AUT students with spaces to do more than study. With a diverse range of sporting, recreational, studio and lounge spaces, Te Āhuru is a place to connect with friends and share food, host events, attend workshops and cultivate your interests alongside other AUT students.

Te Āhuru Recreation Centre

Follow Te Āhuru Recreation Centre on Instagram and Facebook

As a student, you have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, on-campus gyms and a huge number of sports teams and events that you can join.

You will have the opportunity to take part in social, regional, national and international sporting events. Our teams have represented AUT and New Zealand in countries around the world.

Sport at AUT

Contact the Student Hub

Need help or have a question? The Student Hub is located on each campus.

Hub locations and hours

The official AUT app is your #1 tool as a student

Once you receive your network login, download the official AUT App to make the most of Orientation and your time at AUT. The app will contain everything you need, including your study ready check list, timetable and more.

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